Welcome to Najja High School & Vocational Training Insititute

Welcome to Najja High School & Najja Vocational Training Insititute

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History of the Najja High School            Directors of Najja High                   Brief Facts

We begun in 1998 in Makerere Kivulu and by 2005 we shifted to our current adress in Kabowa. The Kabowa Campus  is on 10 Acres Land with a Condussive Environment suitable for Students.

Najja High School Has Risen From Six Students at the Time we Started to Hundreds and Each Year the Number Increases. Seguku Worship Also Supported us with Forty Students During our Infancy Stage.

 1- Mr. Emmanuel Nsubuga Musoke

 2 Mr. Aloysius  Musoke Mubiru

 3- Mrs. Regina Nsubuga

 4- Mr. Kintu Musoke

Centre No: U1033

Year of Start: 1998

Location: Kabowa, St. Anne Zone Lubaga South Kampala Uganda

Ownership: Private

Performance: Excellent

Scholarships/ Bursaries:  Limited 


The School motto is: "With God All Is Possible" and with such a Background, a Student in His/Her Respective Faith is Expected to Work Very Hrd to Gain "SUCCESS" in all Aspects Either Socially,Physically, Morally, and Importantly Academically


The School aims at EXCELLENCE in all fields, so a Student Must Work and Prove Himself/Herself Capable.


DRESSING CODE: “The appeal proclaims the man”

IDENTITY CARD: Every student must carry in his/her pocket a valid Identity Card all the time.

(a)    School Uniform/Smartness: Students must be smart; in full school uniform washed and ironed everyday and shoes properly polished. Shirts/blouses must be tackled in well.

(i)                  “O” Level students wear short sleeved shirts/blouses with a school badge swen on. “A” Level students wear long sleeved shirts/blouses with a badge sewn on, and a school tie. All students should wear a school cardigan. These items are bought from school.

(ii)                “O” and “A” Level Students wear grey trousers/skirts for boys and girls respectively and black socks for boys and white pair of long stockings.

(iii)               Extra-ordinary high heeled shoes are not allowed and no open shoes should be worn with the school uniform unless on medical grounds.

(iv)              Hair style:  all hair must be kept very short. Perming, plaiting, wet look, blow-out and fancy “French-cuts” are not allowed.

(v)                Wearing ear-rings , bracelets and necklaces while putting on school uniform is not allowed. Use of caps and hats are prohibited at any time while at school. Use of artificial make-up like cutex, or lip stick, nail polish and grey shadow is forbidden.

(b)   Non-school uniform i.e after classes for boarders:  After classes and weekends, boarding students MUST wear as follows: Girls will put on red school T/Shirts and long black skirts while boys will put on blue T/Shirts and long black trousers (jeans). This is a MUST. The T/Shirts and long black trousers (not jeans). This is a MUST. The T/Shirts will only be bought from school.


The School Follows the National Curriculum Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Sports and the National Curriculum Development Centre. We Endeavour to Incorporate Vocational Subjects like Computer Science, Tailoring and Soon Carpentry.



  1. Najja High School Has a Christian Foundation Therefore Rules and Regulations Governing the School are Based on these Beliefs

  1. Since God is the Lord of Life, all Activities are/ Should be in Accordance with His Laws. In any Community the Acts of an Individual Member, Wether Good or Bad will Affect the Whole Body.

  1. An Active Concern for the Good of the School and for the Wider Community Outside the School is Expected of Every Individual Student.
  2. True Education is as Much Concerned with Training of Character as with the Acquisition of Knowledge, Learning to be Honest, Hardworking, Helpful and Well Mannered is as Important as Learning Academic Subjects. The Motto for Najja High School that “With God All Is Possible” Assures Everybody in this Community that God is Central in all we do and will Ensure Success in all our Endeavours.



Discipline is the pillar of education. Immediately obedience is required to orders from the Head teacher, Deputy, Staff, Prefects or any other Person in authority. Students are not allowed to enter the staff-room without permission.

2- RESPECT FOR SCHOOL AUTHORITY: Students shall be expected to respect ALL school; from the Head Teacher, Deputy, Staff of all Categories, Prefects or any other Person in Authority will be given by the authority or such a Student shall be reported to the Disciplinary Committee or be sent home to bring his/her parent or Guardian